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BIRTHDAY GIFT IDEAS Winning Tactics – Secretes for Birthday Present Ideas

Why I am Writing an Article about Birthday Gift Ideas? You Know What? Some people are very special at buying gifts and have special skills. Buying a gift for a special occasion or a birthday, that too becomes a very difficult task when to buy for a special person. Some people easily suggest you that buy this Birthday gift, buy that birthday gift but when they buy a gift for their special one, they cannot decide even and they need also birthday gift ideas too. As We Know Marketing is everywhere. Everybody is always telling you what you should buy – so we thought we’d take some time to recommend some Birthday gifts we think you should NOT buy.

The 4 W’s of Choosing A Birthday Gifts

Who, What, When, and Where. The foundations of a good news story are also the place to start when choosing Birthday gifts for someone’s birthday. For starters, don’t obsess over picking the perfect present. As they say, it’s the thought that counts – the key is to put some sensible thought into what you are buying.

Who is the Person?

Latest Gadgets Birthday Gift Ideas for teens
Latest Gadgets Birthday Gift Ideas

Who is the person for whom you’re buying a gift? Age, gender, relationship to the recipient are primary factors to consider when brainstorming for ideas. The toy store is a good bet for children under 10. The latest gadgets make great gifts for teens and technophiles. A nice card and gift certificate for ice cream or pizza is a simple, thoughtful gift for a coworker, friend, or that person who has a bit of everything and really doesn’t need or want another knick-knack for the house or item of clothing.

What does the person do?

Birthday Gift Ideas for working men and women
Birthday Gift Ideas for working men and women

What does the person do? Like? What have you observed about his habits, likes, dislikes, or needs? Some men hate getting ties for gifts. But a guy short on money who likes to dress up or has to wear suits to work may appreciate a tie for his birthday. Even the college kid who lives in jeans and sweats will need one once he enters the job interview scene. What are your giftee’s hobbies or special interests? A good cook might not need another cookbook but would welcome a gift of special extracts or seasonings to use in recipes. Stick to the flavors of extracts and seasonings the person uses but throw a couple of new or exotic ones to spice up the package.

When is the person’s birthday?

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When is the person’s birthday? Does it fall on or near a holiday? Give the Halloween baby a weekend getaway at a haunted bed and breakfast. Pump up the patriotic flair with a gift basket of red, white, and blue items if the person was born on or around July 4th. Let the February giftee celebrate his birthday with a trip to Mardi Gras in New Orleans, or, celebrate the spirit of Mardi Gras with a selection of zydeco and Cajun music.

Where does the recipient live?

Where does the recipient live? Often people live in a city for years without experiencing what the place has to offer. Take your giftee to a museum exhibition in the city. Are the mountains a couple of hours away and your recipient has never been? Get tickets to an upcoming event near the mountain area; your gift will enjoy the trip twice over. Perhaps the giftee is a big sports fan with a little budget. Make the day with a couple of tickets to the home team’s next game. Or, perhaps you’ve heard your person wax wistfully about a certain place. Surprise the would-be skier with a ski vacation. The movie buff will flip over tickets to a film festival.

Top 10 Birthday Gifts you should NOT give someone for their birthday

great gifts for men
Birthday Gifts you should NOT give someone

10. Anything ever used or owned by Gary Busey

9. A copy of the Das Boot Extended Edition DVD

8. A crossbow

7. Weight Watchers Gift Certificate

6. An STD

5. A shot of Wild Turkey – that’s just cruel

4. A bowling ball

3. Anything involving Jellies, Jams or Preserves

2. A mixed Tape/CD/DVD which includes any songs by Rod Stewart

1. Your heart

Top 10 Birthday Gifts a man should never give his woman for her birthday

10. Jeans with an elastic waistband

9. Dirty Sanchez

8. Tube socks

7. An “I’m with Stupid” tee shirt

6. Chicken Nuggets, fries and a soda

5. Two tickets to the “gun show”

4. A stair-master

3. Electric nose hair trimmer

2. A box of Summer’s Eve Douches

1. Altoids….although, they are curiously strong.

Top Ten Birthday Gifts a woman should never give her man on his birthday

10. A snuggle bunny and some smooches.

9. A spa waxing gift certificate

8. A loaded pistol

7. Even more reasons to use #8

6. A rake, shovel, leaf blower, mower and any specific duty attached.

5. Sushi

4. A hard time

3. Teeth-whitening kit

2. Laundry

1. Anything that might remotely fit into the ‘Sleepless Bridges of Seattle County’ genre/category.

Great Birthday Gift Ideas For the Woman In Your Life

Great Birthday Gift Ideas For the Woman In Your Life
birthday gifts

Finding the perfect birthday gift for the special lady in your life can often be a daunting task. Here are a few ideas for great gifts you can get her that will have her gushing to her friends about how thoughtful you are.

Jewelry: Birthday Gift Ideas

Jewelry is best choice Birthday Gift Ideas
Jewelry is best choice Birthday Gift Ideas

Every girl loves jewelry. Rather than just buy her a necklace or ring for her birthday, try to purchase a piece that has some special meaning to your relationship. If you have children, consider purchasing a mother necklace or pin, where you purchase an additional child charm or bead for each child you have. If you don’t have kids, think of a special moment the two of you shared and purchase a charm or necklace along those lines. For instance, if your first date was at the circus, maybe select an elephant charm.

Take on Her trip : Birthday Gift Ideas

Take on Her trip Birthday Gift Ideas
Take on Her trip Birthday Gift Ideas

Sometimes going on a trip can be a hundred times better than any present you could ever purchase. A trip can be extensive as leaving the country, or as simple as a day trip to a city nearby. Getting out of town can be a wonderful stress release and can show her how much you care. Depending on the lady you may need to let her know in advance where and when you plan to take her on this out of town adventure. If possible however consider packing her a bag and surprising her with the trip. The surprise of the moment can add a lot to the thoughtfulness of the trip.

Re-create your first date: Birthday Gift Ideas

Re-create your first date Birthday Gift Ideas
Re-create your first date Birthday Gift Ideas

This one goes without saying. Deep down all women are hopeless romantics. Shoe her that you remember your first ever encounter by recreating your first date. She is bound to appreciate it. Try to recreate the date with as many details as you can remember. Did you picnic outside on an old ratty blanket? See if you can find the same blanket.  If you went to restaurant, see if you can book the exact same table. Little details can mean a lot.

Pamper Her: Birthday Gift Ideas

Pamper her is best Birthday Gift Ideas
Pamper her is best Birthday Gift Ideas

If you have the money, send your special lady to a spa for the weekend.  Every woman can appreciate the opportunity to relax. If you’re working on a budget, give her a weekend spa trip, in your own home. Cook her dinner, clean up and offer to give her a massage.  You can even hit one of the local stores and get some candles and body lotions to add to the effect.

The Perfect Birthday Gift Giving Guide

Finding the ideal gift can be a straightforward task.

It just takes a little thought and common sense.  Several different types of birthday gifts are sure hits if you take the time to do your homework first. What you need to do is consider the birthday person.  Consider each part of the individual preferences for nourishment, music, books, excitement, sports, apparel, frill, and so on.

Next, consider whether they like the astute, the unforeseen, the costly, the functional, or the diverting. .  Each of these categories can overlap, and yet you can usually pinhole a gift to one category more readily than another. How to avoid your gift ending up on the white elephant table or plan of attacks for gift buying are explained here.

  • Buy the thoughtful.  Take the time to figure out what the birthday person really wants.  Think about the comments made over the last few months. Try and recall if they have lost something that can be replaced.
  • Buy the unexpected.  However, the unexpected must be something that the individual would really want.  The person you are buying it for would simply never expect you to get it for them.  Buying something that the person enjoys, but you do not, is always an unexpected and happy surprise.
  • Buy the practical.  This is especially valuable when purchasing something for a more established individual or somebody on a constrained spending plan.  If you purchase something that the birthday person uses all the time, it will be used almost immediately and will not be tossed in the closet to gather dust.
  • Buy the amusing.  If you purchase something that you know the birthday person enjoys, the gift will put a smile on their face.  It is advisable to do a little snooping to make sure that he or she does not already own the exact item that you buy.
  • Buy the expensive.  This one usually works.  If it isn’t a hit, it can always be returned for a little green that is sure to put a smile on the birthday boy or girl’s face.

Here are a few additional strategies to be used in conjunction with the above gift giving ideas.

  • Buy the hard to find.  Sometimes the Birthday present someone really wants is almost impossible to locate.  It is that “hard to find” item that either isn’t made any more or wasn’t made in any great quantity.  The time involved to locate the gift is appreciated as much as the gift itself.
  • Buy the time intensive.  This is actually a very fun gift.  You invest a lot of time to think about every small or simple pleasure the birthday person has, and then, you take the time to make the rounds and purchase as many as you can afford.  For example, a favorite candy, favorite author, favorite vocal artist, favorite color in clothing, etc.
  • Buy the themed gift.  Everything that you buy belongs to a particular theme and yet, each gift has its own unique pleasure.  For example, every item is a particular color or design. Select a favorite character or movie star and purchase a series of gifts that all portray that character.  For example, purchase a Disney t-shirt, mug, key ring, deck of cards, and slippers.
Birthday present Ideas
Best personalized gifts for some one special


Whatever you do, make the birthday gifts for a boy or girl.  It isn’t about whether you like the item, but rather, whether he or she will like the item.  Think, seek, and you will find the perfect gift!

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