Birthday wishes Thanks note

Birthday wishes Thanks note

Birthday wishes Thanks note

The Year is with friends too!
In this self-interested society, where I may have to make sure that there is no need for poor people to be there, I have good friends from my working-class and they wished me with all love on my birthday.
It is really a great day for me. Friendly True love is not less than an honor for me.

If the love of the slave nation was not in my thumbs, maybe the day of the year would have been in loneliness with tears!

Who cares for The stories about the happiness of slave nations.
But small celebrations and informal birthday gatherings can bring unlimited smiles on your face.

I am thankful to all my friends again, who have been enjoyed the Birthday celebrations.

Especially thanks to that friend who said to me “It’s your birthday but let me arrange a cake like I do arrange for my younger brother’s birthday because you are also my brother”

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