Happy Birthday messages for friends

Creative Happy Birthday Messages That Will Actually Make Your Life Better

We Daily Search Happy Birthday Messages for Father, Mother, Sister, Brother, Friends and loved one Because Every Day is Birthday! If We are active at social platforms like Facebook and Instagram, we all need daily Cheerful Birthday messages with cute images as birthday wishes someone who is in our friend list. It constructs a healthy social relationship. As men are social animal right? : ) Below are glad birthday greetings for you.

Beautiful Birthday Wishes

Below are beautiful birthday wishes. These beautiful and passionate texts are created originally by us. We Hope you love these birthday wishes thoughts.

Rhymical Happy Birthday Messages for brother

Yes Candles are burning
the bright faces aren’t silly
and Roses as Love threads
Jasmine and along with Lily,
every flower is happy on this day!
Look, I remember your day of birth
Everyone has merged with blessings
Today is your day of birth
Look, I remember your birthday day
We only people who love to pray
If We Stay close or stay away
it’s not a big deal
Life Circle is on the wheel
But Important thing is to say
Today is your day of birth
Look, I remember your birthday day
Happy Birthday My Sweet Brother!

Belated Glad Birthday Dear Brother

Belated Glad Birthday Dear Brother
The happiness that is near you
They are your blessings.

Thank You note for Happy Birthday Messages/Party by a common man

And This year is with friends too!
In this self-interested society, where may have to make sure that there is no need of poor people to be there, I have good friends from my working class and they wished me with all love on my birthday. It is really a great day for me. True love is not less than an honor for me,
If the love of the slave nation was not in my thumbs, maybe the day of the year would have been in loneliness with tears!
Who cares for The stories about the happiness of slave nations.
But small celebrations and informal birthday gatherings can bring unlimited smiles on your face.
I am thankful to all my friends again, who have been enjoyed the Birthday celebrations,
Especially thanks to that friend who said to me “It’s your birthday but let me arrange a cake like I do arrange for my younger brother’s birthday because you are also my brother”

happy birthday messages

A smile can make a friend

It’s true that a smile can make a friend and a friend can make you smile.

I want to tell you that I love you

We keep on living our lives without noticing that someone is so close to us,  so dear to us and very important for our happy and peaceful life. But when they go far, we feel bad and miss them. At that time we realize how much we love them. You are that someone for me. I am not with you but on your birthday I want to tell you that I love you and miss you so much. Hope to kiss you and hug you soon. Happy Birthday.

I promise to make your life beautiful

You make my life worth living and full of adventures. Today on your birthday I promise to make your life beautiful and full of happiness too. Have a wonderful and fantastic life. Happy Birthday.

How successful woman you become

It was amazing to have a child, a child like a little angel. We feel pride to have such an adorable daughter who grow up in to a nice young woman. We feel proud when we see how successful woman you become. May God give you endless happiness and health and wealth. Happy Birthday Dear.

Let’s celebrate the day and make it memorable

Lets celebrate the day and make it memorable. May we all see the same day every year and celebrate every moment of it with you. May you live and enjoy for the hundreds of years. Have sweet memories and great day.

Standing with my arms stretched

 Standing with my arms stretched 

I am still standing with my arms stretched, waiting for you, waiting for the love I deserve. The time will come when you will peep in my heart, when you actually feel me in your soul. On your birthday, my prayers and my good wishes are with you. Happy Birthday.

I wish you a life full of beautiful moments

Life is full of sweet surprises, the thing is to find them and enjoy. You are my sweet surprise, on your day, I wish you a life full of beautiful moments, loving friends, successful career and true love. Happy Birthday.

It’s an important day of my life

Every year on your birthday, I realize how lucky I am, I have the one, Who deserves to be the one. It’s an important day of my life.Happy Birthday.

My wish for my lovely wife

My wish for my lovely wife. You will get many presents and love on your birthday.

Birthday wish for 30th natal day

If you are 30 for the last ten years,
it doesn’t matter because you have
the heart that will never become old.
May you live a hundred more with the
same young heart.
wish you best for your birthday

The Beautiful Happy Birthday Messages with prays

I wish you find a true love that will
make your life beautiful, just like you are.
Have a fabulous Birthday.

May this day you shine like candles,
celebrate like a blast and wish for a happy life.
Have a nice Birthday.

With all my love, I wish you to
be the one who has everything
in the world. Happy Birthday.

I wish the day of your birthday be
brighter than ever and gives you happiness,
more dreams and more memories. Happy Birthday.

May this birthday has more sweet memories
of love and joy that will last forever. Have a nice Birthday.

I am sending you 12 beautiful flowers for
your birthday. Each flower wishes you and
prays for you every month of the year.
Have a Great Year.

Birthdays are the events to make more
golden memories so be happy and
enjoy the memories. Happy Birthday.

You are the lucky one because
you are the only one I am wishing Birthday.
Many many happy returns of the day.
Happy Birthday.

You are a friend I can always trust upon and share all my feelings with! Many Many returns of the day!

You have given me an endless feeling of happiness and joy just by saying I LOVE YOU. So I will give you that feeling too. I love you too and happy birthday dear.

If we collect all the memories, we find happiness, joy, love and friendship only. Thank you for being a part of my happy memories. Happy Birthday to you.

Thank you for the feelings you have given me, feeling of love, feeling of closeness and feeling of liveliness. God keep you safe from every harm. Happy Birthday.

So here is my wish for your birthday: May this beautiful day comes with a lot of happiness and give an awesome touch to your life. Happy Bday!

You are my love, I can’t imagine life without you so I can’t imagine your birthday without a big surprise birthday party with a blast.

I believe that God have made a soul mate for every person.  I am the lucky person who have such a lovely and kind heart companion. Happy Birthday

For me, you are a strongest, loveliest, happiest and sweetest person of the world. We loved you and will love you forever. Wish you a very special birthday.

In childhood, I didn’t realize how perfect and wonderful dad I have… But now I thank God who has given me the opportunity to live with the kind and ideal person like you. We love you, Dear Dad, Let’s celebrate your birthday just the way you like it. Have a Great Birthday Dad.

Everyone hope for the best in life. May this birthday brings you happier and crazier memories. Happy Birthday.

Its your Birthday, get ready to blow the candles and enjoy the party. Let your birthday brings happiness, love and spark in our lives again. Have a blastic Birthday.

honorable teachers birthday
honorable teachers birthday

It is honor to have a nice person like you as our teacher. We are lucky to get your guidance. Happy Birthday, Honorable Teacher

With lots and lots of love, I wish you another birthday of your life. You are the delight, a moment of pleasure and a source of joy in my life. Wishing You A Very Happy Birthday

Don't Forget me on your birthday

It’s time to enjoy, rock n roll the world, eat a big Mac burger full of cheese and many many chocolates. Do whatever you want to do, but don’t forget to invite me to your Birthday Party. Have a Great Birthday.

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